The New Miss Morry’s “Shani MacMaster”

On Sunday November 9th, 2008 the lovely Shani MacMaster won
our popular online vote to become the first ever “Miss Morry’s
Vintage Pin Up.” Over 650 votes were cast in a very competitive
race with four other delightful contestants.

Shaney’s vintage hair and makeup look was created by Danielle Coetzee,
Katie Morton, and Liza Macawilli at Bella Salon of Naples. Tel. (562) 856-3700.

Why did you want to enter the Miss Morry’s Contest?

I was actually volunteered into the competition by one of our clients
at “Executive Fitness & Med Spa.” He said I have a “classic beauty”
and once I heard vintage pin up from the 1930’s or ‘40’s I was sold!
What a great era and the style during that time is definitely my

Secondly I was born in Long Beach and would be proud to be a
part of representing the city I love. Congrats Morry’s!

Who are you in your regular everyday life?

I consider myself to be a hard worker, a friendly face to meet, a
reliable shoulder to lean on and loving to those close to my heart.
I enjoy my job as Coordinator at Executive Fitness & Med Spa in
Naples because I get to interact with the community and build
relationships with our clients to help them achieve a healthy
lifestyle. And even indulge in the spa treatments and pampering
they deserve!

What are your passions and interests?

One of my passions in life is dance. I’ve been a dancer since age 6
and couldn’t imagine my life without it! My absolute favorite types of
dance are contemporary and ballet. Though I haven’t done much
lately, I hope to get back into it in the near future. One of my interests
is cake decorating. A couple of my favorites were a “Betty Boop” cake
for my mother’s birthday, and a “Madonna” cake for a friend. Coming up
with creative ideas to surprise people you care about and the look on
their faces is priceless.

What’s your favorite hang out spot in Long Beach?

I would have to say my favorite hang out in Long Beach is “It’s a Grind”
coffee house. My fiancé and I walk to one closest to our home. The
people are friendly, they make a point of remembering who you are,
and the atmosphere is comfortable and it’s a great place to talk about
“wedding plans!”

On a Sunday we’ll find you doing what in Long Beach?

Every Sunday morning, my fiancé and I wake up and walk down to
“It’s a Grind.” Here we will plan our day and discuss plans and ideas
for our upcoming wedding. For the last few Sundays and quite a few
more to come, we have been watching football during the afternoon.
I’ve actually grown to enjoy it! Then we’ll most likely head out to lunch
at either “Ruby’s Diner” or “El Torito,” depending on whether we’re in the
mood for a Cherry Coke or a Margarita!

What and who inspired you to put this look together?

My inspiration came from two different sources. One was the movie
“Swing Shift” which featured Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. I grew
up watching this moving every chance I got. It took place during World
War II and featured the era of the 30’s and 40’s.

When I think pin up, I imagine the paintings of the girls on the sides
of the war planes in adorable bathing suites or ladies in sailor attire
with gorgeous makeup and hair. My second inspiration came from
none other than Ginger Rogers. She had such a classy, sophisticated
grace about her and the fact that she was a dancer just adds to how
wonderful she was!

Who helped you put this look together?
What was most fun about it?

I would have to say both our client who suggested I enter, and my boss
Lisa Kammel, have been the most helpful throughout the process. Lisa
was kind enough to connect me with Bella Salon to achieve my look.
Of course the most fun was dressing up and getting my hair and makeup
done! What girl wouldn’t love to do that? Especially when you’re portraying
such an amazing era.

Who is your own personal favorite vintage pin up girl from the
1930’s or 1940’s?

My favorite pin up girl would have to be the woman I pulled my inspiration
from, Ginger Rogers. Is it a coincidence that next year I’ll have the same
last name?!! I think her style and grace make her an icon on how a “lady”
should be. Even if you are lucky enough to be a pin up girl!

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